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Shared Assets & Tools

All of the necessary technical assets of delivering a typical telematics system are all available through WirelessCar. Our proven key assets include the following:

Communication Gateway – a communication gateway to enable communication with multiple types of vehicles based on multiple types of bearers such as SMS, GPRS, CDMA, Satellite and Voice. WirelessCar today operates more than 20 different communication protocols. Thanks to the communication gateway additional protocols can be implemented in short time at low cost.

Safety and Security – a module providing safety and security services, including a call center application for alarm handling (E-call, B-call, Remote Services, Theft Notification, Stolen Vehicle Tracking), and a helpdesk portal for managing user data.

Asset Management – an vehicle management module with an API so that custom vehicle management solutions for can be built, a reference portal to provide an example of an asset management implementation and an ETL to the asset management database to allow extraction of key data. Data that can be used for follow-up on environmental impact, driving behaviour, geo-fencing, diagnostics and other applications. 

Clover – a rating engine that turns customer usage into revenues. With the current trend of (premium) telematics services being more user initiated it is hard for an OEM to estimate the resulting costs and handling the involved risks. Ideally the end-customer would need to pay for services used.  Clover enables the OEM to offer differentiated pricing, subscription renewals, credit card payment as well as multi tax and currency support.