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Service Areas

WirelessCar supports our customers offering in two different segments, the car industry and the commercial vehicle industry. This unique combination of working with both the commercial and automotive sector allows for cost sharing, idea sharing, joint development, rapid deployment and more.

Telematics services for the car industry

WirelessCar enables car OEMs to provide valuable and attractive telematics services to your end-customers. We see a clear trend that telematics services become divided in to two different tracks, vehicle centric services and driver centric services.

For vehicle centric services we see services like emergency and breakdown calling, as well as others like remote diagnostics, crash notification, stolen vehicle tracking, remote immobilization and remote door lock/unlock being part of a standard offer.

For driver centric services an array of concierge services can be included in the system such as Send-to-car, on-line services and mobile applications.

Telematics services for the commercial vehicle industry

In the commercial vehicle industry we offer vehicle management, driver management, transport management, asset tracking, etc. We also provide support for financial services as well as customized service programs.

WirelessCar is fully prepared to take on the responsibility of development, operation and support of all services. All of the necessary components of a typical telematics system are all available through WirelessCar.

Consultant services

In addition we support our customers with qualified consultant services in order to secure the success of any service provided to the end-user. This may include business case calculations, service design, implementation strategy and billing support. WirelessCar provides extensive training services for both dealers and end-users.