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Corporate values

“Our vision is to realize the true benefits of the Connected Vehicle and be the leading provider of connected services and products to the automotive industry and its eco-systems”

We collaborate with our customers developing winning strategies and implementing solutions and services which drive their profitability and growth objectives based on Connected Services. We achieve this by retain and attract the best people, creating an exciting environment to develop professionally and personally.

What sets WirelessCar apart from the competition?

Experience. 14 years of operations. We have done it and continue to do it. Nothing replaces firsthand knowledge and, with 14 years under our belts, you can be assured that we understand the complexity of success.

Global reach. Service fulfillment in nearly 50 countries on five continents. From our partner network to our site delivery locations throughout the world, we deliver. Where you need it, when you need it.

Cross fertilization. The sharing of ideas equals synergies, pure and simple. Working with both the commercial and automotive sector allows for cost sharing, idea sharing, joint development, rapid deployment and the list goes on.

Innovative. In our ever changing world we are striving towards bringing tomorrow’s expectations to our customers, and their customers, today. Remember, it’s not always about predicting the future but about meeting, and solving, our customer’s challenges.

Collaboration. Best of Breed, that’s our philosophy. It allows for our customers to benefit from those who concentrate on their core competences. We know our role, just as our partners know theirs.