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Dynafleet & Volvo Link, Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks supply a range of transport information systems which helps their customers to connect to their fleet and keep track of deliveries, vehicles and drivers. The integrated systems are available in several designs and with a high level of customisation. In Europe, Volvo Trucks offer Dynafleet – the market’s only turnkey transport information system. In the US, Volvo offers the unique satellite-based communications system Volvo Link as well as Volvo Trip Manager, which is a software program that tracks and reports on the performance of your vehicles. Volvo Trip Manager is also available in Brazil.

Dynafleet is the market’s leading system for fleet- and vehicle management. Customers can see in real time the current location of their vehicles, their fuel consumption, messages, driver times, service intervals and much more. WirelessCar develops and operates Dynafleet’s backend and user portal since 2004. Present coverage: Europe (22 countries), Australia and North Africa.

Volvo Link is a vehicle monitoring system providing interesting diagnostic data (error codes etc) to owner/dealer for reduced downtime and improved maintenance planning. The communication medium has recently changed from Satellite to GSM. Volvo Link was awarded Telematics Update award 2007 for best Commercial vehicle Application.  WirelessCar operates Volvo Link which has been operational since 2004. Present Coverage: North America.