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Volvo On Call, Volvo Cars

Volvo On Call is a telematics system that provides customers to Volvo Cars with immediate access to 24-hour personal emergency and roadside assistance. Volvo On Call encompasses a range of services designed to help extend safety, security and convenience to the Volvo Car owner. By the press of a button users get in contact with a Volvo On Call operator who knows the exact location and can quickly dispatch the help users need.

In the event of an accident that causes an airbag to deploy, the emergency services are automatically alerted. The Volvo On Call provide e-call, b-call, stolen vehicle tracking, remote door unlock, light diagnostics and mileage service to its users. WirelessCar have developed and been operating the system since 2000. Present coverage: Europe.

Stay connected to your car with the new mobile apps, lock your car, find your car, view your dashboard and set your heater with the touch of a finger on your iPhone or Android phone.

Volvo On-call includes the following services:

  • Emergency Call (E-call)
  • Breakdown Call (B-call)
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking
  • Remote Door Unlock
  • Theft Notification
  • Remote services through mobile apps
  • Remote Immobilization (on selected markets)

Discover the new apps:

Video clips from Volvo Car’s On Call site

Call centers

The call centers connected to the Volvo On-Call system is using WirelessCar’s web based Call center tool to access the vehicle.

Volvo On Call Workstation