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Partner network

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The WirelessCar deliveries are part of a complex value chain. In order to provide true services different partners and peers like, call centers, telecommunication providers, vehicle device manufacturers and content providers need to be part of the delivery.

WirelessCar partners with best of breed companies to provide our respective customers top notch services and delivery of those services.

WirelessCar has adapted a partner strategy where our co-operations are built on trust and mutual benefits rather then exclusive agreements. Our partner relations are long term and based on in-depth relations with clear definitions of responsibilities and clear communication channels to allow for high quality service deliveries and avoidance of finger-pointing.

Call Centers

We are working with a huge number of Call centers, like Allstate, Agero, Sykes, Mondial Asistance, Securitas, SEI, Volvo Action Service etc. They all have different specialities (like safety and security, road side assistance, concierge, customer management etc)  and geographical coverage and we would be happy to assist in the selection of your preferred call center partner based on the wanted services and geographical market.


Provision of high quality mobile communication services is essential in telematics. We are working with well recognised providers like T-mobile, AT&T, Claro and Telenor Connexion. Telenor Connexion is a long term partner specialised in mobile communication for M2M and telematics. We have also relations with local players like China Unicom, China mobile and China Telecom.

Vehicle device manufacturers

WirelessCar is normally not responsible for the selection of the telematics device for the vehicle. However a trustful co-operation is still important to create a seamless communication between the car and the backend. We are involved in the protocol setup and can provide NGTP codecs in source code for the embedded software. Over the years we have been working with recognized partners such as Harman, Denso, Actia, Siemens-VDO, Motorola, Cinterion, Sierra Wireless, Magnetti Marelli etc. WirelessCar would be happy to assist in the selection and adaptation of the telematics device in the vehicle.


High quality content is key, especially when it comes to location based services and concierge services. Examples of well proven global content providers that we have a relation with is PTV, Google, Navteq and MS Bing. We also have established relations with a lot of local providers on specific markets such as Autonavi in China, Whereis in Australia etc.