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August 6, 2014

See what Martin Rosell, Managing Director WirelessCar, had to say at Telematics Update Detroit

Have a look at this this interview from Telematics Update in Detroit with Martin Rosell, Managing Director WirelessCar, where he talks about working with Volvo to launch their services in North America, adapting to the market and working towards personalized and contextual services in the vehicle. Please click image for youtube or go to to read more.

Telematics Update interview





July 4, 2014

WirelessCar powers Volvo On Call for Volvo Cars’ in China

Last week the first Volvo equipped with Volvo On Call in China, reached its first customer. In this WirelessCar is delivering a telematics solution based on its proven Telematics Service Provider architecture, which has 14 years of production service around the world in all major and developing consumer telematics markets. 

Through this, Volvo Cars  will deliver “Information and Concierge Services” which will give Volvo owners a direct line to dedicated concierge – anytime, anywhere, for guidance, bookings, news and much more.

Volvo On Call also includes many other safety, security and convenience services such as: Emergency-Call, Remote Door Unlock, Theft Notification, Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Immobilization. Other services made possible are: Smartphone-based Telematics Services powered by the WirelessCar architecture using a flexible smartphone application programming interface, which Volvo Cars offers for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

The service Vehicle Finder shows the current location of a Volvo on a map along with reverse-geocoded address. The Engine Remote Start will allow a Volvo owner to pre-condition their vehicle with heat or air conditioning prior to entering the vehicle. Honk & Flash will help find a Volvo in large parking areas and the Driving Journal discretely tracks each drive cycle including start and finish locations and times, duration and distance as well as the fuel used.

“This is yet another customer for WirelessCar in China, which will enable us to penetrate the Chinese market even further. We are grateful and exited to be a part of this amazing opportunity on the largest automotive market in the world, says Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar.

 As WirelessCar’s first consumer Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customer operational since 2000, the Volvo On Call roll out both in North America and China this year, further extends the already foundational relationship enjoyed by WirelessCar and Volvo Cars. WirelessCar will be now be providing Volvo telematics services in almost 20 countries.


June 10, 2014

Linda’s intuitive day

Meet WirelessCar in our new film – Linda’s intuitive day!



June 3, 2014

WirelessCar provides connected service solutions for QorosQloud™

World-leading telematics service provider WirelessCar delivers its proven connectivity solutions to Qoros, the international car brand based in China, to provide in-car connected services.

The car connectivity module, the Dispatcher, delivered by WirelessCar, is the bridge between the service back-end and the in-vehicle electronics, using China Unicom’s 3G mobile network. The Dispatcher manages the telematics data delivery to QorosQloud™ services in a high security and robust environment. WirelessCar collaborated with Microsoft to base its solution on the Windows Azure platform. These services are currently delivered in China as part of a worldwide agreement with Qoros that will expand as the new car brand enters global markets in the future.

“Qoros is a new brand on the market and has taken a very innovative approach to connected services with QorosQloud and it has generated a lot of interest. WirelessCar is proud and excited to be part of this by providing expertise in connectivity to deliver a reliable and secure module, the Dispatcher, for Qoros’ in-car connected services,” says Martin Rosell, Managing Director at WirelessCar.“ As well as adding to our clientele in China, the largest automotive market in the world, Qoros is an invaluable client for WirelessCar because of its innovation in connectivity and its focus on delivering a total customer experience,” concludes Rosell.

“We are at the leading edge of some of the most advanced technologies and services with QorosQloud,” says Maurits Aalberse, Director of Connected Services at Qoros. “And as a pioneering leader in the field, the support and expertise of specialist solutions providers like WirelessCar is of fundamental importance. “We look forward to the long term support of WirelessCar to help Qoros establish a strong position as innovators in the development of new connected services that are valued by our customers.”

QorosQloud provides more than 30 services to Qoros motorists, in the car with the Qoros MMH™ (Multi Media Hub) eight-inch touchscreen, and away from the car via a dedicated website, and a bespoke mobile app. It enhances the way owners interact with and incorporate their car into their digital lives. The exclusive suite of connected services enables motorists to remain ‘always-connected’ to navigation and traffic information, social networks, and the car’s condition, maintenance and service requirements. QorosQloud is currently available in the Qoros 3 Sedan, the brand’s first production model, and the Qoros 3 Hatch which will join the Sedan in the brand’s growing dealer network from the middle of this year.


June 2, 2014

Volvo On Call in North America – powered by WirelessCar

Volvo Car’s core brand value and vision is no fatal or severe injuries in a Volvo. WirelessCar now contributes to that vision in North America with Volvo On Call now being standard in all Volvos sold in the US and Canada.

WirelessCar is delivering a full-featured industry-leading complete embedded telematics solution, based on WirelessCar’s proven Telematics Service Provider architecture, with 14 years of production service around the world in all other major and developing consumer telematics markets. 

“As WirelessCar’s first consumer OEM customer operational since 2000, the Volvo On Call launch in North America further extends the already foundational relationship enjoyed by WirelessCar and Volvo Cars.  WirelessCar continues to be Volvo Cars telematics partner of choice and strongest support partner in the complex global telematics ecosystem, where Volvo Cars and WirelessCar are leading in global market coverage and number of operational telematics countries,says Martin Rosell, Managing Director WirelessCar

“This is fully in line with our ambitions to become leaders in connectivity in which the Volvo on Call plays a vital role”, says Robert Jagler, Director Connectivity Volvo Cars.

Through this, Volvo Cars is able to deliver many safety and security services such as: Emergency-Call, Remote Door Unlock, Theft Notification, Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Immobilization. Other services made possible are:  Smartphone-based Telematics Services powered by the WirelessCar architecture using a flexible smartphone application programming interface, which Volvo Cars will make available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms.

The service Vehicle Finder shows the current location of a Volvo on a map along with reverse-geocoded address. The Engine Remote Start will allow a Volvo owner to pre-condition their vehicle with heat or air conditioning prior to entering the vehicle. Honk & Flash will help find a Volvo in large parking areas and the Driving Journal discretely tracks each drive cycle including start and finish locations and times, duration and distance as well as the fuel used.

“With the launch of Volvo On Call in US and Canada, WirelessCar will be providing Volvo telematics services in almost 20 countries!” says Martin Rosell.


February 24, 2014

WirelessCar strengthens its market position in Europe and the Middle East

World leading connected services provider, WirelessCar, will support Infiniti InTouch and New NissanConnect services with an advanced off-board network solution that offers a flexible technology to support subscription management and billing for Infiniti InTouch and NissanConnect connected car services.

Nissan leads the way in providing consumers with cutting edge vehicle connectivity and convenience by fully integrating the connectivity ecosystem into the vehicle displays, switches and voice recognition systems. The WirelessCar technology aggregates content and services from several content and service providers, and manages the subscriptions and billing functions. The WirelessCar technology will be showcased first on the new Nissan Qashqai, and Infiniti InTouch, which makes its debut on the Infiniti Q50.

WirelessCar offers this solution to Infiniti and Nissan through a comprehensive off-board Telematics Service Delivery Platform (TSDP) based on the open framework, Next Generation Telematics Pattern (NGTP).

Through this platform, Nissan and Infiniti can benefit from a very flexible set of well-defined core components and interfaces which abstract various parts of the telematics service delivery ecosystem ensuring the highest levels of scalability, reusability, regional customizability, and future expandability.

WirelessCar’s delivery teams located around the world, allow Nissan and Infiniti to leverage our global platform, while at the same time providing access to local resources and implementation. WirelessCar delivers the solution in Europe, Russia, and Middle-East.

WirelessCar is very proud and grateful for the confidence Nissan has showed us in their selection of a Telematics Service Provider. Nissan has been diligent in their requirements and it will be an extremely interesting journey. Our strengths has again been proved and we continue growing by all aspects based on our belief that the car of the future is a truly connected vehicle to which the drivers as well as OEMs, dealers, third party developers and other value added stakeholders have access. This will facilitate the connected society where technology is the invisible glue that connects our fast paced lifestyles with intelligent content matched for individual’s life and contextual needs” says Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar.


December 10, 2013

WirelessCar strengthens its market position in China by supporting “Audi connect” with call center solutions

WirelessCar strengthens its market position in China

Connected services provider supports Audi in China with call center solutions enabling location-based services, infotainment and information features 

The high potential of China is accompanied by a complex market structure and a broad range of local regulations. This is the reason why WirelessCar started early to build up specific know-how about this market, and has since been working with other key players in the industry as well as with the government to meet industry standards and regulations.

WirelessCar has been in the forefront in developing and exploiting the opportunities in the emerging telematics market in China. Strategically and innovatively, WirelessCar works with the entire telematics ecosystem through a wide partner network of wireless providers, call centers, content providers, dealers, government institutions, etc. Aiming to contribute to the whole eco-system and achieve remarkable self-improving, WirelessCar teams-up with strategic partners to:

- explore leading industrial technology

- positively get involved in industrial regulation and policies standardization

- make continuous progress on business model development and innovation.

WirelessCar completes the Audi connect service by providing a call center client enabled by Next Generation Telematics Pattern (NGTP), the open framework, bringing more flexibility and sustainability to future development.

WirelessCar services, together with the German car manufacturer’s advanced  technology, allow customers in China to access location-based services. Drivers can contact call centers and get their point of interest pushed to their navigation system in the car, like e.g. the address of a restaurant.

“The Audi project is another success for the global strategy of WirelessCar”, says Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar. “We have achieved remarkable results on the Chinese market, now we carry the responsibility as an industry leader to develop the telematics technology even further and move the whole market forward.”

Further information

WirelessCar Press Contact – Nathalie Rey –


October 31, 2013

WirelessCar at CADA Convention and Expo 2013, November 9th-11th 2013

One of the largest China Auto dealer event, CADA Convention and Expo 2013 will be held in Chengdu, China on November 9th-11th.

A Telematics Innovation Sub-forum will be held on November 11th.

Eric Sun, Chief Architect, WirelessCar China will give a key-note presentation and will share his idea about telematics industry development and the value that WirelessCar delivers.

Where? Century City International Conference Center – No. 198, Century City Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 610041. China

For Chinese website:


October 23, 2013

Wanna connect to China?

With the highest sales of new cars in 2012, 19 millions, and exceptional growth year over year, China has positioned itself as the most attractive market for vehicle manufacturers. The Chinese government early determined their policies for the industry and today this is a cash cow with almost every joint-venture being government controlled as well as the importers and large dealer shops. However, fierce competition is the game by more domestic brands than you can name for a foreigner!

So, what are the driving factors for new technologies as Telematics, or “Connected Car” or “Smart Car” as the term evolves into. Traditional and long term investments or customer demand driven? Well, probably a mix of both and the success will depend on how you manage your way through the business rules in this ever changing and fast growing market.

The market is segmented by international brands, joint-ventures between international brands and Chinese investors and/or domestic brands, and then the large numbers of domestic brands. Each of them will require a separate strategy and somewhat different ways to manage.  Is that possible for a foreign company and what does it mean?

For sure you need to be present and you need Chinese business competence not to mention the network, without this you should stay at home! Addressing the international brands, you will of course leverage your existing relationships from back home which will be the key into the China branch, however don’t forget that this market will most probably be their largest market and much power will already have shifted, thus make sure you have a balanced relationship and keep satisfying both ends. The JV’s and domestic brands will be different and here you need to know your way by Chinese culture and rules. JV’s are always Chinese dominant by ownership and mirrored organizations from both sides are set up, foreigners are acting more as advisers and the domestic sides are making the main decisions. Bottom line is that you treat the JV’s and domestic brands more or less in the same way.

Never forget that you don’t do complex solution business in China without your local partners involved. Existing relationships with suppliers/partners must be considered, if you don’t share then you will be left outside. So, always be prepared to give up parts of your solution to get the support of established and well-connected partnerships.  Don’t forget, the entire system is built on the principle that to make business in China you are expected to contribute in some way. Either by technology or let partners manufacture/build parts of your solution.

Now, how does this work out in terms of Telematics in China. Well, the important partners are the MNO’s, China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom, and as government owned they have split the market by technology and without a close cooperation with them your chance to survive is like a snowball in hell. Secondly, you need call centers for emergency, breakdown and concierge calls. Chinese people love call centers and they love to be served as this is status, convenience and something new to the average people. The lists continue with map providers, this area is controversial as map providers in China must have licenses to use the position algorithms. Of course you need content and that’s localized content, Google doesn’t help you much in this market!  Finally you need to deliver all this from a data center and again you need a partner, they are many and you need to find the most trusted. The alternative is to create your own joint venture and source all above to put your local Chinese TSP (Telematics Service Provider) in place.

WirelessCar chose not to and here are the reasons. We truly believe that China should be done in the Chinese way and the simplest way is to use Chinese employees and partners. Over the last 5 years, too many actors have jumped into the segment, very few making money, but clearly a handful brings real value into the eco-system. WirelessCar has chosen to partner with the matured partners on the market and will benefit from this strategy as we work to solve problems and win new business together.  There are also examples of attempts to start JV’s to obtain licenses which have not been approved by the Government so that’s proven not to be a reliable way forward.  Working in partnerships provides licenses by partners, extends your network and gives you a very flexible resource situation, last but not least you get local friends that understand business rules and culture to get to decisions faster.

However, don’t underestimate your ability and the attractiveness of foreign solutions in China. If you have credible references and success outside China, the market/segment will know that and they will desire your solution based on that. But bottom line is that it comes with a price, you need to share the cake!

Now, taking the Car OEM glasses on, what should they do to capitalize on the situation? As mentioned, there are numerous gold diggers out there and fairly often you see offers which are ridiculously priced. You get what you pay for, trust us! There is a limited number of OEM’s offering connected services in China today, start there and make sure you pick your suppliers based on evidence of success. The Chinese car owner loves connected services: they use I-Call (information/concierge call centers) 30-40 times more than Europe and USA, and they decide on brand and model purchase based on that availability today.

With over 4 million new cars sold the first two months of 2013 and almost every OEM active in selecting or building connectivity, the future is bright in China for those who are prepared.


September 24, 2013

Legislative initiatives and customer demands set connected vehicle in motion

The “Connected Car” prevails. The International Motor Show (IAA) shows that there is a public interest for connected services where legal initiatives and the desire of consumers drive global development. Take Russia, for example: at the end of this year, road users will have a comprehensive e-call network at their disposal. Countries such as Brazil go even further. Due to the high theft rates, the government plans to use networked vehicles next year to handle this issue. This can work without initiative from the administration, as a look far down to the east and west shows: In China and in the United States it is mainly the millions of users who call for networking in their vehicles. WirelessCar gives an overview of recent international developments.

Russia goes ahead with rapid steps

Russia is already standing in the starting blocks with its national program Era Glonass. The Emergency Road Assistance based on Glonass, the ‘Global satellite navigation system’ will be officially available from December 2013. Comparable to the e-call, Era Glonass provides location data for accidents and vehicle damage information to a call center. Once the emergency is verified, call center employees inform an ambulance, thus shortening arrival time of emergency personnel by up to 30 per cent – and rescuing about 4,000 people per year according to the underlying Glonass Union.

Putting a stop to black market’s game

Almost one in a hundred cars get stolen in Brazil. According to the British automotive consultancy Secured by Design (SBD), the fact that spare parts are unusually expensive makes the black market for stolen spare parts a lucrative business. This is the reason why a special telematics function was developed to help cars not only being located from a distance, but also stop them electronically. In early 2014, 20 per cent of all new cars, vans, transport vehicles and other commercial vehicles will be equipped with appropriate tracking devices for the Brazilian market. The aim is to achieve full coverage of new vehicles over the next year.

China shows great openness to new technologies

The Chinese automotive industry is one of the most attractive target markets for vehicle manufacturers and telematics providers with a way above-average growth. The great potential is made complicated by strict regulations. But these mainly deal with conditions that must be met to allow foreign companies to gain a foothold in China – mandatory e-calls are not a big issue so far. However, Chinese car owners are very open to Connected Services: they use telematics services 30 to 40 times more often than Europeans or Americans and opt for networked car models and brands more frequently.

USA: telematics market still far from saturation

While the offer in China greatly depends on the customers’ needs, the development in the U.S. is mainly determined – and slowed down – by legal regulations: while there are already millions of networked users, the potential is far greater. High safety concerns only allow for a limited use of new solutions because there are already heavy fines for talking on the phone while driving. Therefore, ways must be found to integrate new services that distract the driver as little as possible. Currently, mainly the internet radio, navigation functions and automatic emergency calls are widespread in the United States.

“Soon the e-Call will be mandatory in many countries. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers must provide the technological basis and can allow many more features to motorists. These include locating vehicles, web access and controlling a car remotely via app,” says Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar. “One problem remains though: many companies think of telematics too much from a financial point of view. The technology must be inexpensive and yield profit. However, it can provide so much more – like improving user experience and increasing customer loyalty.”