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February 24, 2014

WirelessCar strengthens its market position in Europe and the Middle East

World leading connected services provider, WirelessCar, will support Infiniti InTouch and New NissanConnect services with an advanced off-board network solution that offers a flexible technology to support subscription management and billing for Infiniti InTouch and NissanConnect connected car services.

Nissan leads the way in providing consumers with cutting edge vehicle connectivity and convenience by fully integrating the connectivity ecosystem into the vehicle displays, switches and voice recognition systems. The WirelessCar technology aggregates content and services from several content and service providers, and manages the subscriptions and billing functions. The WirelessCar technology will be showcased first on the new Nissan Qashqai, and Infiniti InTouch, which makes its debut on the Infiniti Q50.

WirelessCar offers this solution to Infiniti and Nissan through a comprehensive off-board Telematics Service Delivery Platform (TSDP) based on the open framework, Next Generation Telematics Pattern (NGTP).

Through this platform, Nissan and Infiniti can benefit from a very flexible set of well-defined core components and interfaces which abstract various parts of the telematics service delivery ecosystem ensuring the highest levels of scalability, reusability, regional customizability, and future expandability.

WirelessCar’s delivery teams located around the world, allow Nissan and Infiniti to leverage our global platform, while at the same time providing access to local resources and implementation. WirelessCar delivers the solution in Europe, Russia, and Middle-East.

WirelessCar is very proud and grateful for the confidence Nissan has showed us in their selection of a Telematics Service Provider. Nissan has been diligent in their requirements and it will be an extremely interesting journey. Our strengths has again been proved and we continue growing by all aspects based on our belief that the car of the future is a truly connected vehicle to which the drivers as well as OEMs, dealers, third party developers and other value added stakeholders have access. This will facilitate the connected society where technology is the invisible glue that connects our fast paced lifestyles with intelligent content matched for individual’s life and contextual needs” says Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar.


December 10, 2013

WirelessCar strengthens its market position in China by supporting “Audi connect” with call center solutions

WirelessCar strengthens its market position in China

Connected services provider supports Audi in China with call center solutions enabling location-based services, infotainment and information features 

The high potential of China is accompanied by a complex market structure and a broad range of local regulations. This is the reason why WirelessCar started early to build up specific know-how about this market, and has since been working with other key players in the industry as well as with the government to meet industry standards and regulations.

WirelessCar has been in the forefront in developing and exploiting the opportunities in the emerging telematics market in China. Strategically and innovatively, WirelessCar works with the entire telematics ecosystem through a wide partner network of wireless providers, call centers, content providers, dealers, government institutions, etc. Aiming to contribute to the whole eco-system and achieve remarkable self-improving, WirelessCar teams-up with strategic partners to:

- explore leading industrial technology

- positively get involved in industrial regulation and policies standardization

- make continuous progress on business model development and innovation.

WirelessCar completes the Audi connect service by providing a call center client enabled by Next Generation Telematics Pattern (NGTP), the open framework, bringing more flexibility and sustainability to future development.

WirelessCar services, together with the German car manufacturer’s advanced  technology, allow customers in China to access location-based services. Drivers can contact call centers and get their point of interest pushed to their navigation system in the car, like e.g. the address of a restaurant.

“The Audi project is another success for the global strategy of WirelessCar”, says Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar. “We have achieved remarkable results on the Chinese market, now we carry the responsibility as an industry leader to develop the telematics technology even further and move the whole market forward.”

Further information

WirelessCar Press Contact – Nathalie Rey –


October 31, 2013

WirelessCar at CADA Convention and Expo 2013, November 9th-11th 2013

One of the largest China Auto dealer event, CADA Convention and Expo 2013 will be held in Chengdu, China on November 9th-11th.

A Telematics Innovation Sub-forum will be held on November 11th.

Eric Sun, Chief Architect, WirelessCar China will give a key-note presentation and will share his idea about telematics industry development and the value that WirelessCar delivers.

Where? Century City International Conference Center – No. 198, Century City Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 610041. China

For Chinese website:


September 24, 2013

Legislative initiatives and customer demands set connected vehicle in motion

The “Connected Car” prevails. The International Motor Show (IAA) shows that there is a public interest for connected services where legal initiatives and the desire of consumers drive global development. Take Russia, for example: at the end of this year, road users will have a comprehensive e-call network at their disposal. Countries such as Brazil go even further. Due to the high theft rates, the government plans to use networked vehicles next year to handle this issue. This can work without initiative from the administration, as a look far down to the east and west shows: In China and in the United States it is mainly the millions of users who call for networking in their vehicles. WirelessCar gives an overview of recent international developments.

Russia goes ahead with rapid steps

Russia is already standing in the starting blocks with its national program Era Glonass. The Emergency Road Assistance based on Glonass, the ‘Global satellite navigation system’ will be officially available from December 2013. Comparable to the e-call, Era Glonass provides location data for accidents and vehicle damage information to a call center. Once the emergency is verified, call center employees inform an ambulance, thus shortening arrival time of emergency personnel by up to 30 per cent – and rescuing about 4,000 people per year according to the underlying Glonass Union.

Putting a stop to black market’s game

Almost one in a hundred cars get stolen in Brazil. According to the British automotive consultancy Secured by Design (SBD), the fact that spare parts are unusually expensive makes the black market for stolen spare parts a lucrative business. This is the reason why a special telematics function was developed to help cars not only being located from a distance, but also stop them electronically. In early 2014, 20 per cent of all new cars, vans, transport vehicles and other commercial vehicles will be equipped with appropriate tracking devices for the Brazilian market. The aim is to achieve full coverage of new vehicles over the next year.

China shows great openness to new technologies

The Chinese automotive industry is one of the most attractive target markets for vehicle manufacturers and telematics providers with a way above-average growth. The great potential is made complicated by strict regulations. But these mainly deal with conditions that must be met to allow foreign companies to gain a foothold in China – mandatory e-calls are not a big issue so far. However, Chinese car owners are very open to Connected Services: they use telematics services 30 to 40 times more often than Europeans or Americans and opt for networked car models and brands more frequently.

USA: telematics market still far from saturation

While the offer in China greatly depends on the customers’ needs, the development in the U.S. is mainly determined – and slowed down – by legal regulations: while there are already millions of networked users, the potential is far greater. High safety concerns only allow for a limited use of new solutions because there are already heavy fines for talking on the phone while driving. Therefore, ways must be found to integrate new services that distract the driver as little as possible. Currently, mainly the internet radio, navigation functions and automatic emergency calls are widespread in the United States.

“Soon the e-Call will be mandatory in many countries. Therefore, vehicle manufacturers must provide the technological basis and can allow many more features to motorists. These include locating vehicles, web access and controlling a car remotely via app,” says Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar. “One problem remains though: many companies think of telematics too much from a financial point of view. The technology must be inexpensive and yield profit. However, it can provide so much more – like improving user experience and increasing customer loyalty.”


June 17, 2013

Take an exclusive filmed tour in one of WirelessCar green and highly secured data centers

In our connected society era, we have to handle more and more information and the industry faces the “Big Data” challenges.

When large amounts of information are transferred and stored, availability and stability become increasingly important.

At the same time, the information that WirelessCar manages is linked personally thus security and integrity is key to provide services that will keep people connected and at the same time protected.

Being part of the Volvo Group and Volvo IT enables WirelessCar to offer our customers proven and highly secure data centers.

At the same time, WirelessCar story began in 1999 in Sweden, a country considered as a best in class country when it comes to environment protection.

We propose you to take a deeper look into WirelessCar Swedish data center that uses seawater as the major cooling-mechanism and green energy to power the center in order to take care of the sensitive birdlife, as well as marine wildlife in the bay.

We have created a movie to give you the possibility to take a tour behind the scenes and to learn more about the environmentally friendly benefits and the high security standards provided to our customers world-wide.

Check out our WirelessCar movie here.


June 5, 2013

WirelessCar has been honoured with 2 awards at Telematics Update Detroit

A jury of six telematics experts from across the industry selected WirelessCar as the Best Telematics Product or Service Launch in an Emerging Market (BRIC Region) and recognized Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar, who received the Telematics Leadership Award on Tuesday, June 4th.

These awards were presented in Detroit at the most important telematics conference and exhibition of the year hosted by Telematics Update.

Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar received these distinctions.

For the Best Telematics Product or Service Launch in an Emerging Market (BRIC Region) Award, the judges have been looking for a combination of the following attributes:

  • A telematics product or service that has been created with its local market in mind
  • Ability to deliver compelling new content to consumers
  • Performance
  • Market appeal and promotional work

“WirelessCar provides services in Brazil, Russia and China with organizations in Brazil, China and India, even if we are not yet providing services on that market. But, we are preparing for that market, too. Obviously each respective market presents its own unique opportunities as well as challenges. That is why we invest in local organizations to meet and succeed on these markets. Through these very unique and diverse markets WirelessCar works with no less than four telecom operators and four call centers to meet local market needs.” Says Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar.

In Brazil, WirelessCar was officially certified on June 2nd, 2010 to meet the upcoming needs of the CONTRAN & DENATRAN Resolution 245 Anti-theft Legal Demand and provides innovative services delivered with Mobile Apps.

September 1st, 2008 WirelessCar began providing telematics services on the Russian market.

Market demand is lagging on the Indian market; however, it is slowly beginning to form. With that in mind and complexities in its own right, WirelessCar has begun establishing an organization for support on this immense market.

In China, WirelessCar understood quickly that being such a complex and regulated market, it would require a great deal of investment in time and resources. That is why WirelessCar started early to build up specific know-how about this market with a first pilot project initiated in 2008, when, in conjunction with local partners, WirelessCar demonstrated a breakdown-call from a test vehicle in Beijing.

In 2011, WirelessCar founded its own subsidiaries in Beijing and Tianjin in order to build partnerships, joint ventures and government relationships that are mandatory to operate a successful business in China. Today, WirelessCar employs 21 experts in China in the fields of development, testing and service operation.

WirelessCar is already working or ready for launch with more than 10 customers on these 4 different markets.

For the Telematics Leadership Award (individual), the judges have recognized an individual that has shown leadership in the telematics industry, someone who has gained recognition as someone who is driving the industry forward and who is helping to promote new initiatives and awareness of telematics both to industry peers and the customer.

Martin Rosell has been instrumental in driving WirelessCar’s strategies for growth and thought leadership to accelerate brand recognition and un-matched market shares by:

  • extending the Volvo Cars business with complex markets like Brazil and the first Smartphone App suite on the market
  • growing the BMW relationship from a few markets to become a global partner
  • adding new brands such as Audi and new customers in the value chain such as Sprint who launched their Velocity program using WirelessCar as a key technology provider to launch their first customer’s  Chrysler, Fiat.
  • defining the China partner network by believing and investing in a pilot in 2008 which has proven to be the future eco-system in China.

“I want to share this reward with our team, today delivering 2 million messages a day in more than 50 countries and providing our extensive 14 years’ experience in connecting vehicles to the global vehicle OEM industry, and with our customers who have recognized the business value WirelessCar can offer them by being connected around the globe” said Martin Rosell. 


June 3, 2013

Marcus Hedenström from WirelessCar wins the Nasa Space Apps Challenge

Marcus Hedenström from WirelessCar is part of the winning team in the world’s largest Hackathon. His team’s idea on how to make our cities greener won amongst 10 000 other participants in over 50 countries.

“The idea is to collect various kinds of environmental data, in our case local atmospheric conditions, and present a map with an overlay indicating how clean the air is. People can then choose between different routes for the best experience biking or walking between home and work, amongst other things”, says Marcus Hedenström.

Their idea is based on using a basic air quality and soil sensor which users can “plant” into their garden and also get a variety of information about the environment it’s in. The aggregated information can as well be used by city officials to monitor air quality on a neighborhood level, and by scientists to gain deeper insights related to global climate. This could encourage people grow food locally, while also creating a massive open-source database of local environmental data.

“Much of what made the Hackathon great was the interaction with other people from my own field and I saw the opportunity to combine my interest in space and astronomy with my interest in mobile application development. It was exciting to be part of a project with so much potential, and I am very glad it got that attention. ” says Marcus.

His best tip to others when it comes to innovation is to draw inspiration from two or more completely different fields, then create something that has a place in people’s daily lives.

Watch a video of the winning idea

​NASA Greener Cities project

The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration focused on space exploration that takes place over 48-hours in cities around the world. The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions to address global needs applicable to both life on Earth and life in space. NASA is leading this global collaboration along with a number of additional government collaborators and 100+ local partner organizations.


April 17, 2013

WirelessCar awarded “Outstanding China Telematics Product” by China Electronic Academy

China is emerging as one of the world’s leading telematics markets with vehicle sales expected to rise from 21 million units in 2013 to nearly 34 million in 2019. Frost & Sullivan predicts that “Chinese market for telematics services will swell from 0.4 million subscribers in 2012 to nearly 4.0 million subscribers by 2018.”

WirelessCar has been witnessing and contributing to the rapid growth of the mass market. 

This award was given by China Electronic Academy (subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) on Telematics Industry Development Forum held in Shenzhen April 10th, 2013, this, after having won the award for “Best China Telematics Company” at the IOVA Annual Conference in January 2013 in Beijing. The event, jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the municipal government of Shenzhen, gathered more than 1,200 exhibitors demonstrating their latest products, involving technologies from the entire electronic information industry chain.

“Again, WirelessCar has been recognized on the global Telematics scene. The early focus on China from 2008, creating the network, partnerships and organization has clearly put WirelessCar in a leading position on the China market which is being confirmed by this highly prestige award.” said Martin Rosell, Managing Director WirelessCar.

Since its initial footprint in China in 2008, WirelessCar began to believe in the strong potential for Chinese markets’ long-term growth. That is why WirelessCar started early to build up specific know-how with a first pilot project initiated in China in 2008. In 2011, WirelessCar founded its own subsidiaries in Beijing and Tianjin with combined knowledge of the automotive business and technology from different areas of development, testing and service operation.

WirelessCar offers connected services for customers like BMW and Audi in China, through delivering a proven and sustainable technology platform to enable customers’ ability of leveraging the benefits of open architecture.

WirelessCar has cross-sector experience in automotive and commercial vehicle industries and delivers a ready-made technology neutral shared platform based on Next Generation Telematics Pattern (NGTP). WirelessCar customers benefit from flexibility to adapt to a rapidly evolving and agile industry, ensuring the greater freedom to upgrade their services, differentiate their services from their competitors, expand in new markets with standardized services and as consequence, keeping the costs down by lowering price services in the long term run.

Together with its customers and partners, WirelessCar is stepping to the explosively new phase for telematics market in China.


April 10, 2013

BMW and WirelessCar extend partnership in China

 BMW vehicles with ConnectedDrive services are now available in China

Connected services specialist WirelessCar supported BMW and its local service partner China Unicom to introduce ConnectedDrive services to China since September 2012. BMW’s services include emergency, breakdown, and concierge calls as well as remote door unlock, traffic information and further internet-based services. Now, the German car manufacturer provides vehicles incorporating connected services to the Chinese market – following Europe, North America and the Middle East, where BMW has already utilized WirelessCar’s capabilities.

The Chinese market offers high potential with close to 20 million cars sold in 2012. It is also a highly complex and regulated market. That is the reason why WirelessCar started early to build up specific know-how about this market with a first pilot project initiated in 2008, when, in conjunction with local partners, WirelessCar demonstrated a breakdown-call from a test vehicle in Beijing. In 2011, WirelessCar founded its own subsidiaries in Beijing and Tianjin in order to build partnerships, joint ventures and government relationships that are mandatory to operate a successful business in China. Today, it employs 21 experts in China in the fields of development, testing and service operation. For BMW in China, WirelessCar adapted its call center applications to the local market requirements and provides support and maintenance to China Unicom. China Unicom is BMW’s local telecommunication supplier, which partnered with WirelessCar in this commercial project.

WirelessCar’s solutions are provided via its Telematics Service Delivery Platform (TSDP), a comprehensive off-board platform based on the open framework Next Generation Telematics Pattern ( NGTP’s open source architecture makes it possible to link content, call centers and networks more easily to speed up time to market. WirelessCar monitors its services around the clock to guarantee market-leading service availability.

Francis Dance, BMW ConnectedDrive Senior Manager in Beijing, stated: “WirelessCar was a key partner in bringing BMW’s global ConnectedDrive service platform to China on schedule. The project required significant local market adaptation and working with multiple partners to achieve the goals. Their teamwork and support was essential to our success.”

 “China is a unique and complex market” says Martin Rosell, Managing Director WirelessCar, “and our partnerships with China Unicom and other important actors allows us to benefit from their unique expertise on this market as well as providing licenses to operate in China. Being the largest market in the world, this marks a credible step in WirelessCar’s global footprint and shows our commitment to China as the largest and fastest growing market”.


February 5, 2013

WirelessCar awarded “Best China Telematics Company”

WirelessCar, one of the leading providers of telematics solutions, has been awarded as the “Best China Telematics company” for 2012 by China Telematics, one of the most important telematics magazines in China, at the IOVA Annual Conference on 24th of January 2013.

IOVA is the Strategic Alliance of China Internet of Vehicles industrial technology innovation.

The annual conference dropped its curtain in Sheraton Beijing on Jan 24th 2013. On the conference, achievements of recent years for telematics industry have been reviewed, and the policies, market trends and industrial hot points have led experts from different parts of the ecosystem into discussion through presentations and panel interactions.

WirelessCar has been awarded as the “Best China Telematics Company”, which was voted by the 1029 industrial elites. WirelessCar China director Kevin Wang received this distinction on the event. This reward shows that WirelessCar’s remarkable contribution and its’ outstanding service ability have been widely recognized within the industry in China.

The Chinese market offers high potential with close to 20 million cars sold in 2012. It is also a highly complex and regulated market. That is the reason why WirelessCar started early to build up specific know-how about this market with a first pilot project initiated in 2008, when, in conjunction with local partners, WirelessCar demonstrated a breakdown-call from a test vehicle in Beijing. In 2011, WirelessCar founded its own subsidiaries in Beijing and Tianjin in order to build partnerships, joint ventures and government relationships that are mandatory to operate a successful business in China. Today, WirelessCar employs 21 experts in China in the fields of development, testing and service operation. WirelessCar offers connected services in China for customers like BMW or Audi.

“Again, WirelessCar has been recognized for its outstanding capabilities and global reach. Today’s Car OEM’s are looking for proven and global solutions that are easy to adopt in new markets and quickly help them to introduce new innovative services. The Connected Vehicle has become a true value added service offering which attract today’s car customer.” says Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar.

With this prize, WirelessCar now steps to another stage in China. WirelessCar has achieved remarkable progress and now carries the responsibility of an industry leader in China, and as a leader, will expand and move the industry forward.


November 29, 2012

WirelessCar provides key competence to Sprint’s Velocity Program

Sprint Velocity delivers a pioneering capability for the auto industry, encompassing the development, integration and marketing of in-vehicle communications systems. Automakers can use Sprint Velocity as a complete turnkey solution or on a modular basis to suit their customized needs.

WirelessCar was selected by Sprint to be a key technology provider in the launch of their Sprint Velocity Program. As an integral part of Sprint’s ecosystem, WirelessCar helped to build and implement an end-to-end global solution targeted to the connected vehicle industry.

As a technology provider, WirelessCar delivers the backend telematics components that integrate and aggregate content, services and applications with focus on embedded, vehicle-related features, including diagnostics, and remote services, such as door lock/unlock. Core to this role is the extensive integration within Sprint Velocity’s ecosystem and that of the automotive OEMs, allowing for both synergy and differentiation for uniqueness of market offerings.

The open architecture used by Sprint is tailored after the Next Generation Telematics Pattern (NGTP) in which WirelessCar is a co-founder. This allows for Sprint Velocity to be flexible within their ecosystem and facilitates meeting an ever-changing landscape and different global requirements.

“Sprint recognized WirelessCar for its extensive knowledge and experience within the telematics space,” said Wayne Ward, vice president, Emerging Solutions, Sprint. “This coupled with their global footprint in 50+ countries supports the direction and requirements of Sprint Velocity.”

“There is a fundamental shift in the connected vehicle space with consumers expecting more and more connected functionality that changes rapidly,” said Martin Rosell, managing director of WirelessCar. “Sprint, with its deep understanding of applications and customer relationships, is a natural and complementary fit to WirelessCar as a technology provider. The Sprint Velocity solution is a new way of thought leadership in the industry.”

Further information

WirelessCar Press Contact

Nathalie Rey

Tel: +33 (0)6 65 858854


December 16, 2011

WirelessCar in study conducted by Strategy Analytics

“WirelessCar is redefining the telematics service provider as a global supplier of cloud services” distinguishing itself by a global reach and an open platform. An analysis that could be summed-up as: “wherever you turn, WirelessCar is there!”

The report, WirelessCar Stands Out with Global Reach, Open Platform, claims that OEMs are finally investing in telematics technology for their vehicles and, while this will create new opportunities for suppliers and service providers, WirelessCar already stands out in the field.
“WirelessCar has established a global leading position unmatched in the telematics industry,” states the author of the report. “The company stands alone with existing or pending embedded telematics deployments in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North and South America and the Middle East.”
Strategy Analytics says that WirelessCar’s global scope, multiple segment solutions, multiple platform support, flexibility and proven track record are what differentiate it from its competitors.

WirelessCar is already providing successful telematics solutions to a number of OEMs, including Volvo Cars and BMW. With the development of NGTP (Next Generation Telematics Pattern), WirelessCar is well positioned for emerging connected services, such as taking advantage of new opportunities created by connected smartphones, which are expected to feature prominently in the years to come.

This ability to pre-empt upcoming trends in the industry and adapt accordingly is likely to ensure that WirelessCar continues to distinguish itself in a fast-growing industry.
Strategy Analytics is a global research and consulting firm, focusing on market opportunities and challenges in the areas of Automotive Electronics & Multimedia.

Press contact: Nathalie Rey, Communications Manager, phone +33 481 930 285,


December 15, 2011

Video available in Chinese

Our telematics video is now available with chinese speaker text. Please follow the link:


June 9, 2011

WirelessCar awarded Best Telematics Service Provider

A jury of six telematics experts from across the industry selected WirelessCar as the Best Telematics Service Provider on Tuesday, June 7th. This award was presented in Detroit at the most important telematics conference and exhibition of the year hosted by Telematics Update.

WirelessCar best TSP TU Detroit 2011

Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar received this distinction from the hands of Clear Channel’s Ryan Seacrest, well known as the host of American Idol.

For the Best Telematics Service Provider Award the judges have been looking for a combination of the following attributes:

  • Innovative applications and services for consumers
  • Ability to deliver compelling new content to consumers
  • Successful market take up
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Performance
  • Market appeal and promotional work

“This reward is a recognition of the achievements of our team, today delivering 2 million messages a day in more than 50 countries and providing our extensive 12 years’ experience in connecting vehicles to the global vehicle OEM industry” said Martin Rosell.

With expertise in both commercial and consumer vehicles, WirelessCar can leverage a cross fertilized service portfolio/open platform ( and deliver innovative business models. Our customers share key resources, which means low and diminishing cost as well as rapid deployment in new markets. We integrate our services from best-of-breed elements to allow our customers to compete at leading-edge level. Through efficient sharing of resources we are able to offer the most industry competitive telematics services in the world.

WirelessCar is one of the world’s leading telematics service providers serving both the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors with services that are operational in 50 countries. This truly global service can include automatic crash notification, emergency and road side assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, embedded hands-free telephone, car locator, remote door unlock, and remote diagnostics.  Also, Online services such as e-mail access and live news feeds are available. WirelessCar is part of Volvo IT, which is a global company and a member of the Volvo Group. WirelessCar operate as an independent entity addressing all vehicle manufacturers. WirelessCar’s services are branded in the names of our customers who include BMW, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Volvo Construction Equipment, Mack Trucks, Toyota Material Handling, Rolls Royce, Allianz…

More information


April 15, 2011

WirelessCar at TU Detroit June 8 & 9th, 2011

We are proud to be speaking and showcase our services at the annual Telematics Detroit 2011(8th &9th  June), the biggest and most influential show for the Global telematics industry! 
This year’s senior-level speakers will include BMW, Chrysler, Google, Ford, WirelessCar and many more….!  
At this sell-out conference, delegates will get the opportunity to benefit from dedicated sessions on telematics services, open platform technology, location-based services, connected services and solutions, navigation, insurance telematics, infotainment and the latest wireless technologies. 
Like what you see? Then check out the exciting e-Brochure for further details about this ground breaking event.

November 2, 2010

WirelessCar launches first OEM in Brazil

WirelessCar launches first OEM in Brazil

 Volvo Cars becomes the first automotive manufacturer in Brazil to launch an embedded telematics program, Volvo OnCall, with WirelessCar as the Service Provider. The announcement was made at the Sao Paulo Auto Show last week.

 Volvo OnCall will be available from December 1st and be free for the first two years. The service will include automatic crash notification, breakdown notification and remote services such as door lock/unlock. Brazil will be the 15th country where Volvo On Call is available but the first country outside of Europe.

 The service will also address any future regulatory demands for tracking and immobilization should they come to fruition.

 WirelessCar is the only certified service provider in Brazil to offer embedded End-to-End services that includes a call center and GPRS telecommunication link and services. Possible services over and above the required tracking and immobilization include safety and security, remote services, remote diagnostics and mobile applications.

 More information can be found at

 Inquires can be made to:

Greg Geiselhart                                                                Marcio R. Rodrigues da Luz

Director of Sales NA                                                         Sales Manager SA                    

+1 336 393 2466                                                              +55 41 3317 8002                        


September 17, 2010

WirelessCar to speak at Telematics Update Munich 2010

We are proud to be speaking at the annual Telematics Munich 2010 (3rd & 4th Nov, Munich, Germany), the biggest and most influential show for the European telematics industry! 
This year’s senior-level speakers will include BMW, Nokia, Fiat, Google, Ford, Volvo, Continental, Sony Ericsson, EU Commission, and many more. 
This leading industry event will showcase 40+ senior-level telematics speakers, 3 dedicated tracks, 20+ businesses-focused sessions and over 20+ hours of networking opportunities.
At this sell-out conference, delegates will get the opportunity to benefit from dedicated sessions on telematics services, open platform technology, location-based services, connected services and solutions, navigation, insurance telematics, infotainment and the latest wireless technologies. 
Like what you see? Then check out the exciting e-Brochure for further details about this ground breaking event.

Exclusive Discount: 

As sponsors we’ve secured an additional 100 Euro off all ticket prices and promotional discounts. Visit Telematics Munich 2010, Hilton Munich Park, Germany e-Brochure for further details about this ground breaking and enter discount code “1748sponsor” into the discount code box to register. 

June 28, 2010

WirelessCar reaches 50 markets

With the recent addition of Brazil as a new market, WirelessCar reached its 50th market providing live operations to customers.  This unprecedented operational footprint is generated by customers in the automotive sector, Volvo Cars and BMW; and the commercial vehicle sector, Volvo Trucks and Volvo CE. Operations are delivered through centers in Gothenburg, Sweden; Greensboro, North Carolina; Curitiba, Brazil and are currently being established in China.

“We continue to set the bar high for ourselves by being able to offer services in areas demanded by our customers, no matter how remote”, states Martin Rosell, Managing Director of WirelessCar. “Its probably a record number of markets served by one Telematics Service Provider”

Below is a reference list that is alphabetized by region:

United States of America
Virgin Islands
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
South Korea
Bosnia Herzegovina
Czech republic
United Kingdom
The Netherlands
Middle East/Africa
South Africa
United Arab Emirates

June 4, 2010

WirelessCar Certified in Brazil, set to launch Volvo Cars

On June 2nd, WirelessCar was officially certified as a Service Provider for offering services to fulfill the regulatory requirements for tracking and immobilization in Brazil. As of September 1st, Volvo Car’s On Call system will be the first automotive manufacturer offering an embedded solution to meet regulatory requirements.

 WirelessCar Certified in Brazil set to launch Volvo Cars


May 27, 2010

WirelessCar supports Volvo Construction Equipment to expand CareTrack

Volvo Construction Equipment goes standard fit with CareTrack with the backend system being supplied by WirelessCar. CareTrack will be available standard from January 2010 on all larger machines, along with a 36 month no charge activation.  This system will allow for remote monitoring and asset management throughout Europe, North America, Oceania and various countries in Africa and the Middle East, a truly global service.

WirelessCar provides global telematics


December 10, 2009

WirelessCar awarded North American telematics contract

WirelessCar has been selected to be the Telematics Service Provider for BMW in North America. WirelessCar will deploy the Next Generation Telematics Protocol to deliver services in new models from mid-2010 and also include a migration path for BMW’s legacy applications currently operating in the United States and Canada. WirelessCar will work with third party providers, e.g., ATX Group, as Call Center partners to deliver the services.

Read more


November 23, 2009

WirelessCar to sponsor Telematics@China for third year in a row

With over 200 OEM delegates and more than 500 industry participants, the organizers call this the world’s largest telematics conference.

Mr. Anders W. Ljunggren, Director of Sales China, will attend two of the panels on the subjects “Next Generation of Telematics Platform” and “Values That Telematics can Bring for Chinese OEMs”. 

Read more about the conference here


October 29, 2009

The TU Interview with Martin Rosell, Managing Director, WirelessCar

WirelessCar will participate at the Telematics Update conference in Munich Nov. 10th and 11th. An interview prior to the conference.

Martin Rossell.JPG

In a nutshell, what does your department/company do?

We are a TSP (Telematics Service Provider); it means we manage communication between the vehicle and the backend system. We provide the backend system that coordinates and aggregates content, services and applications.

In a nutshell that means we are the spider in the web and guarantee the automotive grade delivery of telematics-based services 24/7.  

How do you differentiate your offerings from competitors? What’s your USP?

 Trust. As we have been around for 10 years, through up and downs, the experience shows that technology driven trends take 10 years from powerpoint to reality. Now we have the customer base to prove our value. Global. As we deliver telematics solutions to 8 clients in 33 countries on all continents—except Antarctica! Agile. As we have built up our portfolio with reusable, modular and configurable components and can provide rapid implementation with the focus on customers’ and markets’ specific needs and wants. Open. As we use and promote openness to help drive innovation and market development. One example is our strong support and involvement in NGTP (Next Generation Telematics Protocol). Personally, I believe all four keywords are the core of our differentiators, without elaborating on features and functions. 

What partnerships are you currently forging? What industry milestone did you recently achieve or are working towards achieving?

 As the spider in the web, we need to forge partnerships in the entire value chain. This starts in the vehicle with vehicle hardware suppliers, telematics and/or head units. Of course, the communication service providers are important and  moving up the chain we must create partnerships with content, service and application providers globally and locally, as well as work with or provide to a whole range of call center providers. To add to this picture, we also see players like finance, insurance, authorities etc becoming more involved and important in the ecosystem of telematics. BMW is, of course, a good example, where we currently solve many of the above challenges. Being a driving force for providing a generic solution to regulation demands in Brazil is another example, and our recent demonstration of providing services in the very complex China market is a third example. 

Which trends will impact the industry the most in the coming years and why?

 I see three areas of trends. Starting in the vehicle and driven by affordable technology, we will start to see a separation between the telematics unit and the navigation/infotainment/head where mission critical services will be managed from a dedicated telematics unit with built-in communication and a wave of location-based services will be handled in a more consumer-oriented way. This will create dual channels to the vehicle. However, they will require a common way to be managed outside the vehicle to capture the synergies—and that’s WirelessCar’s role.Secondly, as a TSP, we must align with the trend of providing new applications as a published service; i.e., fast and easy provision to the customer of the wealth of available apps they are used to from other devices. But we still must make sure we adopt them for usage in a vehicle, which, by the way, is very different from a mobile phone and other consumer devices.I just arrived back from China with some really interesting market input. In Beijing alone, about 10,000 new cars hit the roads every week. Of course, this creates chaos in the traffic so intelligent traffic routing is vital. In combination with a lot of accidents, because of so many new drivers, there is a screaming need for smart emergency and break down services. Well, I guess you understand how that will drive the above trends!Lastly, telematics will be used to drive a connected CRM strategy for the OEMs. By that I mean there is a tremendous opportunity to turn a reactive way of managing customers into a proactive process by integrating the solution with legacy systems, using that data intelligently. One example is to provide dealers with accurate information to connect with their customers about service planning, diagnosing the car, and other customer relations aspects. 

You are an integral part of our upcoming European flagship show – Telematics Munich 2009. Could you tell us what key topics or issues you are looking at discussing with the industry at the show?

 I guess most of the topics and issues, or call it opportunities rather, have been pointed out above. But I look forward to helping define the value at each point of the value chain to make sure we capture the total value of telematics. Today, too many actors try push the entire cost to the end customer and we firmly believe that all stakeholders have tangible value that should help telematics address a much larger market. Our goal is to work with all OEMs globally to help them realize the benefits of vehicle-centric telematics. 

Which gadgets/gizmos/cars are on your current Christmas wish list?

 Connected Navi—but why wait for Christmas?!

Interested to find out more about the latest trends, facts and stats. Then, visit for more information on Telematics Munich 2009 and see how you can book your pass for Europe’s most successful and biggest telematics strategy forum.


May 27, 2009

WirelessCar awarded European telematics contract

WirelessCar has been selected to be the Telematics Service Provider for BMW in Europe. This prestigious contract will ultimately connect all newly produced vehicles on these markets from June 2010.

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April 15, 2009

Second round of pilot demonstration completed in China for 8 OEMs

WirelessCar has together with local connectivity- and content partners demonstrated a fully working pilot service, Breakdown call (B-call), that has been developed for the Chinense market. Eight foreign and domestic OEMs have so far attended the demonstrations in Beijing.

Anders W. Ljunggren, Director of Sales China, is very pleased with the result. “It clearly shows that there is a growing interest for telematics by OEMs located on the Chinese market”

A desktop video from one of the demo sessions is also available on WirelessCar’s YouTube channel:

With the successful demonstration of a B-call pilot service, WirelessCar are now ready to adapt the rest of its current service portfolio for the Chinese market:

•E-call (Emergency call)
•B-call (Breakdown call)
•I-call (Destination input)
•Theft Notification
•SVT (Stolen Vehicle Tracking)
•Remote services  (Remote Door Unlock)
•POI update (speed cameras etc.)
•My Vehicle On-line Portal (driver personal telematics portal)
•Fleet Management
•Asset Management